Tuesday, November 03, 2009

call of the wild

oh MAN... MUST..... GARDEN!!!!!!!!!

i looked at my pea plants and strawberries a few days ago and said "oh COME on.. i'm HUNGRY!" plus the chooks have been off the lay cause of the sudden change to ass bustingly hot weather.. anyway i didn't pay attention to anything except exams for the last few days.. DONE WITH VCE SPECIALIST FOREVER HOORAY! i think i did ok.. thank CHRIST i did practice exams! such good revision..

anyway i haven't been able to even look at the garden for the last few days and i went out there this morning and the pea plants are DRIPPING with succulent pods.. there's snow peas, purple peas, sugarsnap peas, greenfeast peas, telephone peas (cause they grow as tall as a telephone pole.. they're not shaped like telephones or anything).. my jaw just dropped.. which was convenient as it meant my mouth was already open when i started shovelling them in there straight from the bush... NOM NOM NOM NOM oh man they make frozen peas taste like cardboard..

plus my strawberries are just starting to ripen! they are LOADED with fruit.. only a few were ripe enough to eat (*drooool*) but man... i have to ignore the garden again til saturday to deal with a pesky methods exam.. so by the time i look again i should have PUNNETS of the fuckers! i'm sure it was all that soil preparation i did last year.. they are going fucking MENTAL.. plus the rain doesn't hurt either seeing as i don't have time to water the bastards..

it's so hard to study cause whenever i look out the window i can hear my garden screamin "come stick your hands in me!" like some horny animal.. oh man it's gonna take me SO LONG to reclaim it all from the weeds.. i did manage to dig over a large bed and keep the strawberry patch weed free but it's like a jungle expedition just getting to the chook house..

i'm ok to do it alone.. but would really appreciate some help.. i reckon four or five people could get it ship shape in a weekend and i would gratefully cook up a storm for participants if any of you city slickers wanna get outside and get physical in nature for a day or two..

it's all just an idea at the moment i don't finish exams til the 11th so it'd wanna be asap after that.. before it gets too hot and the flies come.. i'm just so paranoid.. the place is a weed farm.. which means it's both a fire hazard and a haven for SNAKES.. not yet.. but if i leave it much longer than november.. it's gonna be a big problem..

anyway here's what i need help with if anyone's up for lending a hand (in return for serious noms of course!) ....

1; i will do the slashing but the grass will need to be heaped in one place as i will line the chookhouse with some (they eat the seeds and nest in it when it dries) and compost the rest.

2; places inaccessible to the slasher (not many) need to be weeded by hand (easy enough just time consuming)

3; compost heap needs to be forked over and the stuff that's composted down enough needs to be dug through the soil of some garden beds..

4; putting up some trellising for the grape vines and espaliering fruit trees.. i have reo and have managed to get some trelising up by myself but it would be SO much easier with more hands..

5; repositioning of reo sheets on back fence.. i just want to put them on the other side of the fence posts.. easy enough but as the sheets are 2&1/2 m long it would be a lot simpler if i had help (i can't believe i shifted 6m lengths of that shit by myself to make the greenhouse! it's really awkwardly floppy and heavy to move around)

6; moving the old tank stand somewhere off the garden beds..

7; moving some big rocks (again)

so that's what needs doing.. asap after nov 11th.. perhaps the weekend of the 14/15th? or the weekend after that? i'm easy as school will be over and i don't have anything planned hahaha YAY!!!!! anyhoo... lemme know if you feel the call of the wild..

i surely fucken do!



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