Sunday, November 08, 2009

anyone there?!

ok so no-one wants to help me garden.. my flabby arms thank you as they need all the work they can get heh.. but i would still like to get you all up here for an end of VCE celebration..

well that's what I'LL be celebrating.. you guys can just come up and chill n eat n drink n veg.. it's been two years of hardcore-ness so i feel the urge to mark it with some kind of closing ritual and would love it if some of you would make the trek..

still two more exams and four days to go til i'm finally free..then i don't find out what my enter score (out of 100) is til the 16th december.. then i won't find out til i got into ANU til friggin JANUARY... anxious wait much?!

anyway if i crack 90.. imma.. imma.. yeah i dunno what imma do.. but imma feel good. cracking 90 = elligible for merit based scholarships = able to keep church for another year... so BIG yayness..

i'd better go and fuckin study then hadn't I?!?!

four more days four more days four more days

god i can't WAIT to get into my gumboots and go NUKKIN FUTS with the slasher.. ohhhhhhh man i'm hanging bad..

anyway yeah.. dates.. uh.. the weekend of the 21st/22nd nov sound do-able or is it too short a notice for you jobby people?!

pls lemme know.. will post this same shite on facebook at some stage.. as i dunno how many of you cunts still read this shit i'm dribbling here..




Anonymous Jen said...

Keep up the studying, you're on the home stretch! Hopefully Dave and I can make the trek up soon, even if we can't come to the party weekend.

9:39 PM  

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