Monday, October 18, 2010

depravity of teh sleeps

i am so tired. i went without sleep last night just to finish an assignment and i just finished one due tonight. plus the exhausting reality of looming exams is HEAAAVYYYYYYYYYY.... i don't even really have much to say right now, my head is SO fuzzy and my teeth hurt, every part of my body is scvreaming SLEEEEEEEEP but bed's just not happening. prolly only posting cause someone commented on my last jizz, someone's still fucking reading this?!

meh anyway i had a "mini stroke" (TIA) about a month ago, had expressive aphasia; couldn't talk for about five minutes then kept saying the wrong words for shit. (the one i really remember was pointing at a chair, and in my head i said "why the fuck can't i say 'chair'?" and i looked at it and tried really hard and the word "skiing" came out instead. so fucking random. it was HEAPS of fun akshully, but the following pressure from everybody that resulted in me eventually going to hospital to get jabbed by needles and have my brain scanned wasn't so enjoyable, the insides of my arms were bruised purple for a week. doctors shouldn't give injections. they should let nurses do it, as they know what the fuck they're doing.

yeah you shoulda seen my mum's face when i told her. she came up here for 5 days to see floriade, stayed in my dorm room. normally we'd be fighting by the end of the second day tops but she was SO NICE to me HAHAHAHA! i should tell her i've just had a stroke every fucking time we hang out!

anyway yeah anyone who's reading has prolly already heard this shit and i got nuthin new as i'm pretty much brain dead right now so imma fuck off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is back....
this brain jizz is pure heaven.
feeeed me more.

12:58 AM  

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