Monday, November 16, 2009

waiting game

so i've FINiShEd VCE!!! bite me school! i'm fairly sure i screwed up that last exam.. physics.. i just had NO TIME to study for it.. i suppose the last exam is always a little neglected that way poor lil fuck.. ah well.. oh did i mention?!?!




now i just gotta wait til 15th december for the results NGNGNGN! and fucking JANUARY til admittance letters come out.. DOUBLE NGngNgNGnnnG!

i got a xmas card from ANU today as a prospective student, for an advisory day in melbourne on the 16th december so i'll be down then and prolly catch up with some of you thereabouts..

but yeah after the last exam i went straight out to my mum's and the restaraunt she was gonna take me too was shut and she'd accidentally thrown out the stash my brother left there for me ages ago.. but i didn't care. i pretty much went to sleep as i'd had none the night before.

then i went to the city and had iolites in the park with leila and then back to jo's and ended up staying the night and getting trashed outta my BRAIN. caught train home next day and did a big shop, stocked fridge and perty much sat on ze couch for about two days cause it was too hot to garden. then i got so bored i gardened in the heat and got sunstroke..


just got back from town as i was slashing grass (hehe DIE! man i've been HANGING to do that) and i ran out of snipper line and two stroke so i went to get more in town wearin ma gumboots and bought a sack of grain for the chooks and i'm feelin a lil bit country.

except for the part where i listen to SHIT MUSIC.

anyway, as it appears that no-one bar a few will be turning up this weekend, i officially give up trying to stage get-togethers. you're all very sociable and it's summer so you're all pretty fully booked, you all have time restrictions cause of jobs, and i dunno i feel a tad guilty asking you to come all the way out here..

please know that you are all welcome at ANY TIME.. i AM a hermit.. but i love having my friends visit.. as let's face it, anyone that has managed to befriend a recluse is obviously pretty fuckin cool.

yes i'm talking to YOU motherfucker!

a big thankyou hug from the sometimes-hater-of-our-species for your support these last few years.. even if it is only a gay internet hug..



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