Tuesday, August 29, 2006

hurrah for the weekend!

the gathering on saturday night went well.. i was just finishing the cleaning when the first carload of martians arrived, much drinking and cooking ensued, burning of logs, setting up of telescopes, donning of antennae, lighting of many candles, turning on of fairy lights in the blossom tree, and guitar playing, followed by much slumber.. it was too overcast to get any jupiter action, but it didn't rain so the fire went well. we dragged my two old church pews outside and made a banquet table out of an old door and some milk crates.. classy.. i think bedtime was around 6am and breakfast in town around 3pm.. note to self.. persian lamb and rhubarb stew is awesome for hangovers.. so awesome in fact that i drove to friends place after the partygoers had left and got utterly shitfaced AGAIN on ye olde home brew.. fuck it was good! this guy is like a SCIENTIST when it comes to brewing.. (he even has some mulberry nip on the way) so i've had an inebriated weekend and seen just about everyone i know that i'm not related to, and met some weird ones too, like the pink haired anthropologist and a strange long haired mad professor.. don't ask.. just know that it happened.. this weekend also looks set to be filled with much drinking so yay for spring party weather! you are all welcome to come up here for a getaway at any time.. i would've posted photos of the party with this but was having too much fun to remember to take any!!! i think even the cat enjoyed himself..


Anonymous Mick said...

That was a good weekend... :) Why do ya have to live all the way out there though Mara?! We miss your constant aggravating company. ^_^

4:42 PM  

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