Thursday, January 17, 2008


ok so one of my chooks.. i think it's kevin not trevor is still not laying and is still pulling all the feather's out of her own neck. so i've decided to have a ritual sacrifice.. to, i dunno, almighty She-ra.. then i'm gonna get a real chook. and my last grandparent shuffled off the coil on the summer solstice. there may be some mortgage relief as i am mentioned in her will but don't think it'll be any amount to jump up and down about. better than a kick in the vulva. unless it's from jake gyllenhaal. he can kick my vulva anytime. i enrolled in vce chem and physics in the city at the CAE today, they're both on the same day so from feb 4th i'll be in the city every monday via v-line trying to get smart. god i hated that show. um. oh i got a job in a sweet nursery and garden about half an hr away i start on mon. and the crossdresser is back to help me with kitchen floor, cabinetry, benchtops and ballustrading.. i think we may be delving into wrought iron... so ... um... yay?! am in internet cafe in city.. my hour's almost up so before i lose all this i'm fucking off.. see yas..