Monday, May 26, 2008

the devil's trident

daaaaaaamn. my pitchfork is possessed o' tha devil. first i'm diggin over a huge garden bed and one of the tynes snaps off for no apparent reason and goes whizzing past my ear, then i'm diggin closer to the church and suddenly i get this water jet in the face as another tyne skewers the water pipe to the in-house plumbing that i thought was located underground on the otherside of the place. one rather hasty self taught plumbing adventure later.. i left it leaning up against the wall. i actually backed away from it.. waitin for the third thang.. like where the tyne snapped off is going to stabulate me when i go to push it into the ground with my foot. guh.. gotta go factorise cubic polynomials. WHO CURSED MY GARDEN IMPLEMENT?

Monday, May 05, 2008

bidicular persecutor

seeeeeeew.... here i am again mooching a night's accommodation off the lovely fanny and pickle (i never realised what a sexual combination those names are until now-it's quite disturbing as they're not exactly overtly sexual.. like AT ALL.. in public anyway-they could be vegetable using sodomites that play mistress of pain weekly-who would ever know? it's always the quiet ones)
so i've been picking potatoes. on a harvester. which is a vinyl HELL box the size of a portable schoolroom filled with noise and conveyer belts and fucking MINDBOGGLING amounts of dust that get's dragged around a paddock ploughing up tubers and shaking you around like one of those freaky earthquake simulators down the kiddie science park. srsly. feel like chain gang dude. cept i'm CONVINCED breaking rocks all day would be WAAAAAAAAAY sweeter than this crap but i'm oooota debt which is relieving. school going well. apparently i'm roolly smart which is tops.. i just completed a linear relations task and the last question requested me to locate the co-ordinates of the "perpendicular bisector" to the line from A to D. jesus why don't they just ask you to find the midpoint of the fucking line? so my maths teacher is pretty fuckin straight. we are talkin hush puppies and osti frocks but i don't care anymore. i've learnt that people will put up with a shitload of disturbing crap from me if they think i'm smart or scary or interesting or too much of a pain in the ass to chastise, etc so i handed in the solutions referring repeatedly to said 'perpendicular bisector' as the much more appropriate 'bidicular persecutor'.. final answer went : illustration of a small two-headed penis with grouchy eyebrows = (3,-3) so i hope her womb doesn't fall out or whatever. maybe she'll disapprovingly lay an egg.. which incidentally is something my chooks (trevor and kevin) are no longer doing as hens go all fucking sterile when it gets cold. oh and kevin is fucking MOULTING!!!! aside from the fact that, if you're a hen, you're supposed to do that when it's WARM, i think a moulting chicken at any time of year, is one of the most heinously leperous sights i have ever clapped eyes on. the hen sheds all her feathers and gets round lookin like a fuckin scabby BALLSACK for a week or so before the new feathers start poking through like stubble on a brute if each hair had the girth of a bamboo skewer. pete and fleur came out last weekend and i was showing their hellspawn how to feed the chickens (insert wank reference) and quite understandably, it took the poor tod a while before he was sufficiently de-horrified to throw the grain into the pen. anyway.. off i fuck...