Saturday, March 10, 2007

whorin' out the wriggler

hey there just a short one as i gotta go break my back pickin snow peas.. here are some photos of pete and f fleur's maggot.. he was overcooked by two weeks.. and the only reason i find him SO MUCH FUCKING FUN is because i can hand the little bastard back to mommy and fuck off back home to enjoy the silence and a good night's sleep. have met a few hilarious guys on line recently, one of them is shaping up to be fairly attractive to me, as he currently is as obsessed with ninjas as i am.. but he lives in goddam frankston.. oh well.. but here!! baby photos!! with me in them! your lame comments about how i look like i want one of my own just because i'm a thiry something female are invited.. fire away.. *primes F-134 minigun for retaliatory fire*