Saturday, July 14, 2007

broken computer + poverty = no posts

just a quick heya.. i'm at a mate's. computer broken. friend can't fix it. got no money to get it looked at. connection cancelled. so no more blogging. no more chat. no more email. dunno when i'll be back. this has been the situation since my last post. i think it's been a coupla months. miss chat and blogging badly but that's the way the cookies explodes. bonfire party on the 25th august to which you are all invited.. hope to see you there cause that's prolly the only way i'll be in contact with folks from now on.. in the flesh.. or possibly via text. bummer.. but yay party! dinner supplied but byo booze. will be sending another group text about it later on.. miss you all.. see you.. whenever the universe materialises me a computer and a connection i can afford (ha!)