Tuesday, February 19, 2008

negative emus

so i'm learning to do algebra on a CALCULATOR. get down. i like doing it manually better though. i think that makes me a masochist to some but the graphing machine just takes all the fun out of math. today i was having trouble trying to figure out how it all worked.. there was this verbal question about finding the amount of emus and the amount of sheep in a combo herd of 57 total animals and 168 total legs which i did fine on paper but when i tried to graph it on the calculator i got negative emus. the sheep were fine though. i wrestled with the concept of the negative emu for a time, postulating that maybe there was some kind of parallel timeline crossover thing going on but the physics from the day before fell fairly short. anyway i camped at pickle's place last night and stayed up too late drinking the vino rouge, which possibly locates the well from which the unsuccessful negative emu model sprang. i blame the mahogany one. the one that slept through his alarm the next morning heh. oh fleur's up the fucking duff again. jesus christ. my best friends will shortly have two children. i could pretend one wasn't really happening but two... well there's just no amount of physics that's going to explain that out of existence so unfortunately i'm just going to have to swallow the concept of multiple offspring.. they increase relatively proportionally with my age. it'd be nice if, when fleur's womb dried up, i'd stop getting older. stranger things have happened. like negative emus.

ps thankyou to ma niggas for all the monday night hospitality.. seriously seriously appreciated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


ok. i need help. i was supposed to study general math, chem and physics at CAE in the city all in one day so i could've made it home. then they tell me i need to be doing INSANE-O, giga-nerd math to make sense of the physics and chem and the only class runs on tues. this leaves me in a fucking shit situation. last class on monday finishes 845pm then i start at 9am next day so with country train times, i would be 5 hrs at home before having to turn around and come back. and be alert enough to deal with calculus..................................... nuh.
would anybody that can spare a couch for me to crash on every third or fourth monday night (depending on how many of you can help) please let me know asap?! i'd be getting there shortly before bedtime and leaving early morning so it's hardly a social visit, but while the harvest season lasts, i can drag an esky full of farm fresh organic produce with me for the host/s as a trade... i've already spent two monday nights with the lovely teleri and jen but's can't lob on the same peeps all the time.. please let me know if you can help by ringing my home or mobile though cause i won't have internet access til next monday when i'm down here again for class, wondering whether i have to slink into that CRUSTY backpacker hostel down near spencer street that smells like vommit, late at night, paying money i don't have to prolly catch lice and get no sleep. and that's IF they have a vacancy. ugh. crappy situation. please help.