Wednesday, May 27, 2009

death knell

yeah ok..

no-one's blogging anymore.. i admit it's fairly dead now for all you people in the city who can actually talk to the people around you..

i however will continue to blog as the phone is gay.

messenger is refusing to co-operate with my connection lately..

i'm still twittering a fair bit and a bit of facebook here and there but i find it a really annoying site that's hard to navigate around i dunno what the fuck's going on there and i'm unlikely to spend the needed hours exploring the possibilities ..

chanter i reckon your idea of a private social networking site rocks..

just make it simple so your computer retarded friends (prolly only me) can dig it?!

ciao blog quitters..


Friday, May 22, 2009

witness the sickness as i kick this

firstly YAY chanter for donating his old mouse.. that thing is the SHIT!!! cheers mate...

secondly boo to flu..


i think i'm a bit over twitter so i'm back on here.. and i'm over broadcasting on youtube too.. i just don't think i'm that interesting.. i keep going to put a video on there and i go "but it will BOre everyone SHITless" so yeah i may just stick to the occasional blog..

i kissed fidel and reuben and fleur goodbye the other day and caught the flu but srsly.. how can i be the "crazy aunty" if i don't kiss them through their snot? it's my duty..

just had an "analysis task" for specialist.. i'm just over school at the moment and so are all my CAE bitches.. it's just becoming a slog and it's not like high school.. it's hard to get good marks in hard classes there when you get a little bit of each topic everyday

but CAE... man... squashing a whole weeks worth of one subject into 3 hours.. it's just impossible to retain it all.. it's too much at once.. no one is doing well.. not even the really smart, disciplined ones.. looming failure and disappointment with results is saturating everybody.. no matter how hard we all try.. how much we study.. how many practice exams we do at home.. it's just not enough..

vce is designed to make people get used to the modern working world.. it's designed to brainwash us all into thinking that we must endure a situation where our most momentous efforts yield no rewards but are still required.

ROW *lash*

ROW *lash*

ROW *lash*

well fuck.. it just seems hopeless.. the drop out rate just skyrocketed cause of an official deadline.. and many of my friends have just thrown in the towel. without any warning.. here one week.. never heard from again.. and here i am.. pushing on.. it wouldn't be so freaky but they just keep dropping all round me like flies.. and we that are left are struggling.. struggling to bear the responsibilities of adults.. while doing a course designed for those that are kept.. and doing it in concentrated format..

i'm really disillusioned.. disappointed.. i'd say i can't compete but no-one else is really getting better grades.. so i guess i can't compete.. with the system..

"oh don't worry" the teachers are all saying.. "everything gets scaled up in the end".. "you'll be right"... just get into uni for ANYTHING and you can transfer to what you specifically want to do when you're already in there..

why is the system like this?

so people feel like they're underachievers who don't deserve anything that's why. so people feel like they're lucky to get a degree and a boring laboratory job.. it's designed to make us feel lucky that we're total fucking slaves.

forever. day in day out. mindless. repeditive. under management. under.




not me

not again

if i have shit grades.. it's because the education system is ineffective. i am smart. i deserve to do what i want when i want and get paid for it and anyone who disagrees with me has bought into their own slavery.

i hope you're happy with it..

i think you deserve BETTER.. but if you think i deserve LESS than what i'm asking that's your perogative and we're just not going to agree on what we should expect from life...

oh i have some nerve don't i?

walking around thinking that i can escape the drudgery.. the drudgery that "we all have to bear" well who says? i've been a shitkicker all my life.. and i'm done

no more.


Saturday, May 02, 2009


ok this is a public warning for those about to join twitter... DON'T DO IT!!!!! i can't STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!! DAMN YOU CHANTER! my cat puked on the only piece of floor i walk on (caravan)... little fucker. now he's just jumped in the closet. if he wasn't so cute.... *shakes fist*

i am srsly turning into an internet whoooooooore.... both twitter id and youtube id are "hermitstargazer" so if yer reeeeeeeally bored check out more of my day to day shite...

i got NINETY fucking views of my first youtube post... WTF? it's totally farkin spooky but pretty cool at the same time... i got rated five stars yaaaaaaaaay!! in my second post i talk about how i murdered my chickens and i reckon some random vegan is going to blast me...

bring it on..

*goes off to be incredibly bored by CIRCUITRY for physics*