Wednesday, August 22, 2007

stiff pussy

i got my seeds in the mail the other day.. mmm pink celery.. black radishes.. egyptian spinach.. herrrbs... way too excited about spring planting.. making new veggie beds like mad pensioner.. poor bijohndles' gorgeous cat 'Pantera' had to be put down ad he came out to bury her under my almond tree.. i totally lost it.. i cried like a baby.. she was so adorable-even though she was as stiff as a board! it may have been the monthly hormones. i may just be a terrible softie. i just love pussy. anyway the almond tree is bloomin like a spastic thing now and i'm going to plant a bunch of herbs ontop of her grave.. now whenever i see my own cat i grab him and practically squeeze him to death. there are alot of daffodils and blossomy things going on in the garden so ofcourse i am MAD about the garden at the moment. i've been grilling the dudes down the farm for all the info i can wrangle from them. i expect greatness this year.. *wishes for torrential rainfall* anyway the internet cafe shuts soon and i still have shopping to do. i totally reek like kerosene cause i was doing fire staff dancing at circus class.. as you do. i am awesome. la la. mm. k.. see yas this satdeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody reading this who is coming and is in possession of cool party lights please please bring them i only have a few malfunctioning fairy lights.. and half my globage is out. cheers. later!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the internet hates me

maaan.. i've been looking forward to checkin my email for DAYS.. i get to the internet cafe here after work and acrocircus.. and hotmail won't let me fucking sign in. it keeps telling me my password is incorrect.. like the four letter one i've had for over 15 years.. suddenly it's just not goooood enough.. it's been wrong all this time.. just waiting to break the news to me.. nnng. computers... want to kill.. on the upside i'm getting really fit! and this bonfire party on the 25th to which you are all invited looks like it will actually have a decent turn out.. but um.. no computer.. so no music.. unless you count my pitiful cd collection.. if y'all can't live without the tuneage.. bring electrical bits that make boom boom.. gotta trundle.. internet cafe shutting.. gay ass hotmail.. eggless homoness. see you all soon!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


eeeeee just a quick one.. am on the run after my acrobatics class and a rough day at the farm. FINALLY there is an internet cafe in my general vicinity!!! so i will only be able to manage quick snippets of computerdom every wednesday after acrocircus before the joint shuts but hey.. better than nothing.. still haven't been in contact with the guy that's supposed to be fixing me puter.. he only takes calls in the hours when i'm working, has no message bank and is generally really really busy.. so i dunno if i can save my puter cheaply yet.. pickle tells me i can just take the hard drive out of my old one and chuck it in a new one (stuck together from bits of mates' comps) but just thinking about it gives me a total fucking mental HERNIA.. so here i am surrounded by daylesford's future leet.. the cafe has just opened.. it's called detonate.. there's a whole bunch of spotty kids here trying to figure out how to play... COUNTERSTRIKE.. sigh.. kids of today. network gaming has spread, like the virus that it is, to the country.. oh well give a shit at least i can check my email with cool music pumping in the background, lightning speed connection and... HEATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! ok gotta motor ciao.. and remember if you want to tell me somthing.. TEXT ME!!! i am computerless until.. until.. um.. armageddon or something.........................